6 thoughts on “Past images of the Procession”

  1. Best wishes for 2015 procession. It is possible that this event is the greatest piece of ‘civil disobedience’ seen in this country!
    More power to your elbows, See you in July!

    Margaret (St Albans) and Barry (Church of England)

  2. Love the walk my mum first took me to watch over 60yrs ago so glad it has returned to its original starting point.will be there this year

  3. I have loved to watch the walk since my mum first took me to watch her school friends walk 60 odd yrs ago missed a few yrs due to ill health but will be there this year.

    1. I am like you Stella I have missed a few due to work & family commitments come rain or shine I am going this year as a child growing up this was my highlight of my year

  4. Just read about Mia
    Very touched S DeFelice and

    So touched just read that my great granddad and my granddad were some of the founders of both societies
    I also had a great uncle Anthony who was the interpreter
    For the Italian community

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